Preaching Team

This summer our pulpit is being filled by a “preaching team” of three excellent preachers. God richly blessed us in providing this wonderful team. The lead preacher is Rev. Keith Greer who designed a sermon series entitled: “The Unstoppable Gospel on the Move…12 Studies in Acts.”  We enjoy having continuity from Sunday to Sunday as each preacher builds on the sermon before him as he exposits the Word of God to us.

Rev. Keith Greer and Bonnie



Keith Greer retired from the pastorate six years ago following forty years of pastoral ministry, first in Schenectady, NY, and then in Carlisle, MA where he served for thirty four years. The word “retired,” however, doesn’t really fit Keith. Keith and his wife, Bonnie, now serve with Barnabas International, an organization that provides pastoral care for missionaries serving under more than two hundred different agencies. “It’s a logical extension of my call over the years,” says Keith, “except that the flock is now scattered around the world.”

As Barnabas International team members, Keith and Bonnie are cultivating caring and supportive relationships with missionaries. “We skype, email, or talk on the phone with each missionary once a month and also visit them once a year, no matter where they are serving around the world, “ says Keith.

Keith recently partnered with Equipping Leaders International, an organization that works to strengthen and support indigenous pastors and church leaders in the developing world. The overwhelming majority of African pastors have no formal theological or Biblical training; they lack libraries; they are hungry to learn and grow. “When I meet with young pastors,” Keith says, “something just happens in my heart.”

Keith and Bonnie are members of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Lancaster where he is a ruling elder. Keith teaches in Westminster’s adult education program and leads a weekly men’s Bible study while Bonnie is a facilitator of a women’s study.

Keith received his MDiv from Gordon Conwell Seminary where his love for God’s Word deepened. That love of the Word, combined with his love for people, makes Keith a very special gift from God to Grace Presbyterian. The church planters of Grace Presbyterian humbly believe it is “our gain” that Keith will be filling the pulpit of Grace Presbyterian approximately twice a month as part of what is a very gifted “preaching team.”


Dr. Mark Draper

Mark Draper



Mark Draper comes to us from Myerstown Evangelical Seminary where he is an Assistant Professor of Historical Theology as well as the  Director of the Library.  Mark completed his doctorate at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School where he was also a Jonathan Edwards Fellow.  His research interests include the history of evangelicalism, especially the 18th and 19th century evangelical social reformers and theologians such as Jonathan Edwards, John Wesley, and Gilbert Haven.

Today, Mark is passionate about helping seminary men and women develop their Christian worldview in a way that equips them for their future ministry either in the church or in para church organizations. Grace Presbyterian warmly welcomes this teacher/scholar to be part of its summer pulpit team.


Rev. John Dorr, Jr.

John Dorr


John is the pastor of Bethlehem Steltz Reformed Church (EPC) in Glen Rock, PA. Because Bethlehem Steltz is one of the partner churches of Grace Presbyterian, John knows “who we are” and ‘where we dream of going.”

John has a BA degree in political science from Grove City College and a Master of Divinity degree from Erskine Theological Seminary. One of his early pastoral calls took him to the Marshall Islands where he served as the civilian protestant chaplain for personnel of the U.S. Army’s Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Test Site. John is a caring pastor and a challenging preacher. His wife, Kathy, is a teacher at the Christian School of York.