In the Pulpit

During this first stage in the life of Grace Presbyterian, our pulpit was filled by a “preaching team” of three excellent preachers. God richly blessed us in providing this wonderful team. The lead preacher was Dr. Rob Norris who designed a sermon series that the team followed. In this way, we had continuity from Sunday to Sunday as each preacher exposited the word of God to us. Rob preached, on the average, twice a month, while other team members preached, on the average, once a month.

Rev. Dr. Rob Norris

Rob was born in South Wales where he became a believer at the age of fourteen. He soon developed a thirst from God for Scripture and became a student of the Bible during his teen years.

Rob has a BA degree from Kings College, London; and dual doctorates in history and dogmatics from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Before being called to Hollywood Presbyterian Church in the United States, he served as Chaplain to the City of London University and Assistant Minister at The City Temple in London.

In 1984, Rob was called to leave sunny California for Fourth Presbyterian Church in Bethesda, MD where he has served as senior pastor ever since. Soon after arriving in D.C., Rob met the woman who was to become his wife. Rob and Caren are now the parents of five children (they are blessed with a full quiver, Psalms 127:4,5). Two of their children are currently living in Scotland where they are able to visit their grandmother who still lives in Rob’s small Welsh hometown.

Not surprisingly, Rob has taught courses at various seminaries over the years: in Ukraine, Malta, Japan, Sudan and at Washington DC’s Reformed Theological Seminary.

When Rob graciously offered to help in the launching year of Grace Presbyterian, the church planters and partner churches were taken by surprise. Rob was surprised that we were surprised: “It’s kingdom work,” he said. “Anything for the kingdom.” Rob is able to take on this work because this is a sabbatical year for him. More importantly though, is the fact that God placed Grace Presbyterian on Rob’s heart and he is responding in answer to God’s call.

Heads up–when a Welshman steps into the pulpit, he brings his Welsh accent with him. But don’t be intimidated by that. Instead, we thank God for calling Rob to minister to us this first year.

Rev. Aaron Anderson and family

Anderson-lgNot to be outdone by Rob Norris, Aaron Anderson has ONE MORE THAN a quiver full of children. Count them. And notice the shirts on the three eldest children. They represent Logos Academy well, the inner city classical Christian school where their dad is the CEO/Head of School.

In Aaron, we have another servant of the Lord who is known throughout the city in which he resides. Aaron currently serves on the York City Redevelopment Authority and on the corporate board of the York County YMCA. He was recently named one of Central Penn’s “40 under 40,” a recognition of forty young and influential leaders in central PA. In the past, Aaron served on the boards of Prevent Child Abuse Pennsylvania and York County Children Youth & Family. Aaron is clearly a man that God has called to work for the good of the city just as God exhorted the Israelites to do after they were taken off to Babylon during what is known as “the Babylonian captivity.” While no one dragged Aaron here against his will, he has not shied away from bringing a kingdom perspective to the town God has called him to live and work in.

Aaron is originally from Aurora, Illinois but came east to attend Liberty University where he earned a Bachelor of Religion degree before going on to earn a Master of Arts in Religion from Reformed Theological Seminary.

Aaron’s first pastoral call was to Providence Presbyterian Church here in York where he served as an assistant pastor until God called him to provide leadership to a church plant parented by Providence.  More than five years later, Aaron accepted the call to be Head of School at Logos Academy. “I sense my work at Logos to be as much a call on my life as the pastorate,” Aaron says. “I have the opportunity to serve in a community where there is a lot of hopelessness and despair; an opportunity to do transformative work in my own community.”

Part of that will be helping to launch Grace Presbyterian church by preaching, on the average, once a month. Aaron is a gifted preacher who not only loves the Word of God, but is able to communicate that Word in a fresh, real, and practical way so that one often experiences “an aha moment” during his sermons even as one might be chuckling at Aaron’s wonderful gift of humor. Grace Presbyterian is blessed to have this authentic man of God serving on its “Preaching Team.”

Rev. Keith Greer and Bonnie

Keith Greer, father of four (he didn’t quite fill up his quiver though he is also the grandfather of nine), retired from the pastorate six years ago following forty years of pastoral ministry, first in Schenectady, NY, and then in Carlisle, MA where he served for thirty four years. The word “retired,” however, doesn’t really fit Keith. Keith and his wife, Bonnie, now serve with Barnabas International, an organization that provides pastoral care for missionaries serving under more than two hundred different agencies. “It’s a logical extension of my call over the years,” says Keith, “except that the flock is now scattered around the world.”

As Barnabas International team members, Keith and Bonnie are cultivating caring and supportive relationships with missionaries. “We skype, email, or talk on the phone with each missionary once a month and also visit them once a year, no matter where they are serving around the world, “ says Keith.

Keith recently partnered with Equipping Leaders International, an organization that works to strengthen and support indigenous pastors and church leaders in the developing world. The overwhelming majority of African pastors have no formal theological or Biblical training; they lack libraries; they are hungry to learn and grow. “When I meet with young pastors,” Keith says, “something just happens in my heart.”

Keith and Bonnie are members of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Lancaster where he is a ruling elder. Keith teaches in Westminster’s adult education program and leads a weekly men’s Bible study while Bonnie is a facilitator of a women’s study.

Keith received his MDiv from Gordon Conwell Seminary where his love for God’s Word deepened. That love of the Word, combined with his love for people, makes Keith a very special gift from God to Grace Presbyterian. The church planters of Grace presbyterian humbly believe it is “our gain” that Keith will be filling the pulpit of Grace Presbyterian approximately once a month as part of what is a very gifted “preaching team.”