What’s the parking situation at “Little Green?” 

  • Plenty of street parking on Linden Avenue and on N. West Street
  • Parking lot on Linden Avenue (across the street from entrance to the church)

What about wheelchair accessibility at the church?

  • Enter at the alley behind the church
  • Use the ramp to enter the building; elevator sits to right of door
  • Go UP to reach the sanctuary; DOWN to reach the social hall
  • Assistance available


How do I get to “Little Green?

  • From the South:

North on Interstate 83
West on Arsenal Road (Route 30)
At 3rd traffic light, turn left onto Pennsylvania Avenue
Turn left onto Roosevelt Avenue at the stoplight
Turn right onto Linden Avenue
Church is on the corner of Linden and N. West

  • From the West:

East on Route 30
Right onto Roosevelt Avenue
Right onto Linden Avenue

Where did the name “Little Green” come from?

  • No one knows for sure, but the term has been around for a long time.
  • The church is, literally, green (green shingles) and has been so from its beginning at the first part of the twentieth century.
  • “The Little Green Church” is a fondly held nickname used by York residents.


What can you tell me about all the stained glass in this church?

  • First, there’s a LOT OF IT!
  • The stained glass windows in the sanctuary depict the “Evangelists” (various apostles and disciples of Jesus)
  • Each apostle has a symbol above his head. For example, Luke has an ox above his head, symbolizing the sacrifice of the savior.
  • The church was built by the Episcopalian church which explains some of the stained glass such as the Madonna and child. The Lutherans purchased the church in 1912, about ten years after it had been built.

When will a pastor be on board?

  • Initially, three pulpit supply pastors preach on a regular, rotating basis.
  • The expectation and hope is that within the first year, a full-time regular pastor will be called.


What will be the make up of the leadership (session) of the church?

  • A temporary leadership team will remain in place until the church receives “local church” status.
  • The leadership team is comprised of the church planters, the lead pulpit supply pastor, and others.