The Church Planters

Our commissioned church planters bring significant leadership experience to the project; experience gleaned from both their church and professional lives.

In agreeing to lead the effort to plant an EPC church in York, all four recognize that this service is, ultimately, for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom and His glory.






Ron Webb

Ron brings a wealth of leadership experience to the task of church planting, so much so that “planting a church” feels, in some ways, like the culmination of God’s gracious work in his life. Raised in a working-class neighborhood on the south side of Chicago, Ron learned early on that life wasn’t always fair and easy. But God, gracious as He is, provided an opportunity for Ron to attend Wheaton College where his life was turned around as he began to understand the power of the gospel to transform one’s life. And church was a big part of that.

In graduate school, Ron studied organizational behavior, focusing on the institutional church for his dissertation research. At the same time, Ron was sitting under the pastoral leadership of the late Dr. Richard Halverson who later became chaplain of the United States Senate. From Halverson, Ron’s understanding of and love for both the scriptures and the church matured by leaps and bounds.

Over the years, God has given Ron opportunities to exercise leadership in various venues, from college administration to board work with mission organizations to various roles in the church including congregational leader (similar to ruling elder in the Presbyterian church), pulpit supply, teaching, and administration. Intertwined in all this has been extensive cross-cultural experience including a two-year stint in Iran. In the midst of all this, Ron learned that mentoring three sons into the ways of the Lord required a dependence on God to see him through—something most Christian parents can identify with.

Ron is passionate about the church. He is concerned about its vitality, its relevance, and most of all, its commitment to the Word of God. That commitment should result in the equipping of its members and children to know and love that very Word. It is these passions that motivate Ron to help plant an EPC church in York.


Joan Webb

Joan brings what might be called “an inherited entrepreneurial spirit” to the task of church planting. When you combine that with the variety of churches she has been a part of (she moved a lot, including living overseas both as a child and an adult), she comes into church planting with both excitement and a healthy fear. Planting a church can seem daunting. “If it wasn’t for the indwelling Holy Spirit…” she says.

Joan’s leadership experience includes educational leadership both inside and outside the church. For example, she enjoyed being a mentor in Messiah College’s “emerging leaders” program—a program for college students who were particularly targeted for leadership roles on the college campus and beyond. To this day, Joan is involved in mentoring young Christian women, some of whom she met in various Bible studies she has formed and taught over the years.

In the church, Joan has focused on teaching adults, administering adult education programs, developing children’s programming, and chairing a Cuban refugee sponsorship committee. In all her leadership activities Joan has found her graduate work in writing and curriculum development to be of invaluable help, but only when combined with dependence on the Lord for His guidance.

Joan shares her husband’s passion for the church and for the Word of God. She believes that every community needs, in its mix, a vibrant evangelical church which is also contemplative or classical. To this end, she is asking God to give her the wisdom and energy needed to help plant this EPC church in York while at the same time being a grandmother to twelve very special grandchildren.


Kevin Mosser

Kevin is passionate about the church, plain and simple. While God used many things in Kevin’s life to light that passion, one special gift of grace was leading Kevin to Philadelphia’s Tenth Presbyterian Church which was pastored by the late James Montgomery Boice. Kevin, who was in medical school at that time, attended Tenth Presbyterian where he heard the scriptures exposited in a way that brought them alive and instilled in him a deep love for the Word of God which has never left him. That love for God’s Word is a key reason that Kevin has agreed to serve as a church planter.

One thing that God’s Word makes clear is that our lives are meant to be integrated rather than bifurcated between our secular and sacred lives. Kevin has sought to apply this integrated view of faith and work throughout his entire career as a physician, educator, and health care executive.

At the same time, God saw fit to put Kevin to work in the local church. Among other things, Kevin has served as a ruling elder, a gifted and respected Bible teacher of adult classes, a member of pastoral search committees, and as chair of the finance committee. God has also given him the opportunity to serve in short-term mission trips including family trips to Mexico as well as work in medical missions in Honduras.

Kevin comes to this church planting role with that “plain and simple passion” for the church. His commitment to the sanctity of God’s Word is firm and sure and motivates him to help plant this EPC church in York.


Carolyn Mosser

Every church planting team needs a “heart” to keep the life of the team warm and sensitive. Carolyn is that heart. A York County native, Carolyn thanks God for her Christian parents who immersed her in the church from a young age. Carolyn grew up loving her church and loving God for bringing her to a saving faith in Him at a young age.

God’s work in Carolyn’s life became especially evident when He provided an opportunity for her to participate in the birth of a local chapter of Community Bible Study (CBS), now a worldwide organization that coordinates and runs Bible studies in local communities. Carolyn was the first Director of York’s CBS Children’s Program (a creative adjunct to the adult program). Besides this leadership role, Carolyn discovered that participating in CBS’ weekly Bible studies, herself, gave her a new understanding of and trust in the Word of God as the ultimate source of truth for faith and life.

The constancy of God’s Word has, of course, undergirded her faithful service in the church. That service has included teaching and directing a childrens’ hand chimes choir, playing in the adult handbell choir, serving on various church committees over the years, and participating in short term mission trips to Mexico with her husband and two sons.

A former Emergency Department nurse, Carolyn cherishes time with family and friends as well as nurturing her relationship with God through walks in nature. As the “heart of the church planting team,” Carolyn reminds us that planting an EPC church, while exciting, must be continually bathed in prayer and scripture.