The Call

As is so often the case, pinpointing exactly when and how God began to place a call on several hearts is hard to determine.  For example, Daniel Moore, pastor of Guinston Presbyterian Church, recalls a challenge given at the spring 2014 presbytery meeting of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC). At that meeting, delegates were encouraged to challenge their churches to consider planting new churches as the denomination moved into a new season of church planting. Daniel recalls that a little “tug at the heart” began at that time.


At the same time, two couples who lived in the York City area were “finding each other” and discovering a common interest: the York area lacked an evangelical church that was  reformed in theology and which offered what might be called a “contemplative” or “classical” worship experience.  When one of those couples visited Guinston Presbyterian Church that summer (during their annual summer practice of visiting local churches), they mentioned this “unfilled niche” to Daniel whose face lit up…and so the sense of call began to emerge.


In addition to Guinston Presbyterian, two other small EPC churches in southern York County had heard the same challenge at presbytery. It soon became apparent that these three small EPC churches felt called to join together to collaborate on a church planting project in the York area. Their new vision was shared with and endorsed by the presbytery. This meant the call was acknowledged and supported. Round Hill Presbyterian Church and Bethlehem Steltz Reformed Church joined with Guinston Presbyterian Church to form a three-church team with the two York couples acting as the “commissioned church planters.” Early work soon began with the formation of a Vision Team comprised of the following:

Daniel Moore: pastor, Guinston Presbyterian Church View Daniel’s Bio
John Dorr: pastor, Bethlehem Steltz Presbyterian Church View John’s Bio
Dave Miller: elder, Guinston Presbyterian Church
Chris Mercy: elder, Round Hill Evangelical Presbyterian Church
Shean Hyson: elder, Round Hill Evangelical Presbyterian Church
Stuart Hendrix: elder, Bethlehem Steltz Presbyterian Church
Stan Smith: elder, Bethelehem Steltz Prsbyterian Church
Ron Webb: commissioned church planter
Joan Webb: commissioned church planter
Kevin Mosser: commissioned church planter
Carolyn Mosser: commissioned church planter


As people indicate interest in being part of the church plant, they form a Mission Group which soon becomes a Mission Church and eventually a Local Church.

dsc_0159    736043_411949778883700_30258268_o    Guinston Presbyterian                            Round Hill Evangelical Presbyterian       Bethlehem Steltz Reformed Pres.