Halverson’s Vision for the Church

Halverson 199“Think of it this way. The program of our church is everything all the members are doing between Sundays. The church keeps house, goes to school, teaches, practices law, medicine and dentistry, runs business and industry, farms, works on construction jobs, researches in many fields, sits on school boards, city councils, county councils, state legislatures and congress. Between Sundays the church is involved in everything productive and constructive that is happening in our community. And it does so as a witness to Christ, to the glory of God, in His love and in the power of the Holy Spirit, sensitive to its accountability to Christ.

“And what of the church work which is done in and for the church organization? Its purpose is to equip each member to do the work for the church Monday through Saturday. All the programs within the church are for the purpose of enabling the church to do the work of ministry between Sundays when she is invisible as a congregation.”

Dr. Richard Halverson pastored First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, CA before spending twenty years as the distinguished pastor of Fourth Presbyterian Church of Bethesda, MD. He spent the final ten years of his life and ministry as chaplain of the U.S. Senate. This excerpt is taken from one of the many books he authored, How I Changed My Thinking About the Church, p. 106.