Getting Started

On May 31st, 2015, a series of six “information meetings” was launched. The series was designed to introduce people in the York community to Grace Presbyterian. It also provided a venue for people to meet and interact with others who were also learning about the new church plant.

Each session of the series focused on one particular area of interest such as the Evangelical Presbyterian denomination, the vision for Grace Presbyterian, and even an “example” of a Grace Presbyterian worship service. Formats varied and included things like panel discussions, Q&A’s, personal narratives, small group discussions, etc. The schedule was as follows:

May 31       EPC Denominationlittle green church
June 7       The Vision, Part 1
June 14     The Vision, Part 2
June 28     Worship
July 12       Q & A
July 19       Theological Beliefs

Forty-two adults and eighteen children (representing twenty-nine households) participated in one of more of these meetings. In addition, more than thirty five people from the three partner churches helped with child care, food, hosting, or helping with the program. These sessions provided a venue for formation of a mission group comprised of people who wanted to help with planning for this new church.