Wednesday Evenings

Pioneer Club *

For Children in Grades K-6


Time: 6-7:30 pm

Place: Trinity Social Hall

Four-fold Program Focus:

  1. Teaching children how to explore and enjoy using their Bibles
  2. Memorizing scripture together
  3. Using games and music to build community
  4. Earning badges for development of life skills (see below)



   Fitness Trail                        Money Management


Program Philosophy/Goals
Grace is intentional about nurturing its children. We are especially concerned that they learn  to navigate through their Bibles as they develop a love for this book and recognize it as God’s Word. In Pioneer Club, this is done in ways that are fun for kids–using games, activities, music, stories, and memorization. As children learn how the Bible is laid out, how it works, how it feels, and how much fun it is to use, they will also learn to understand and appreciate what it says. Grace also nurtures children by giving them an opportunity to develop life skills that they may not have the opportunity to learn otherwise. Kids leave Pioneer Club with new skills under their belt–skills that are worthwhile and real and which equip them to make a contribution to their families, their schools, and their churches.


* Pioneer clubs have had a long and distinguished history ever since 1941. See the PC website to learn more about the PC organization.

Note: Nursery available for babies and preschoolers; Ladies Bibles study available for moms, grandmas, and all women