Our Denomination

Grace Presbyterian Church is being planted by the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC), a denomination with more than 530 churches and approximately 140,000 members and growing. The denomination is presently promoting a “church planting mentality” that is expected to produce significant growth in the next decade. www.epc.org


EPC Motto

“In Essentials, Unity; In Non-Essentials, Liberty; In All Things, Charity.” Underneath this motto, the seal of the EPC adds “truth in love.” The motto hints that the EPC lies somewhere in the middle of a continuum of American Presbyterian denominations. For example, a question that is often asked regards the role of women in the EPC.Yes, women serve as deacons and as ruling and teaching elders in the EPC, per the decisions/desires of each congregation. Another question regards social issues. The EPC does not support a lobbying office representing the denomination in Washington, D.C., even though the denomination and certainly individual members hold positions on social issues. These would be just two examples of many where the EPC motto is being lived out and where the EPC is situated “in the middle” of that Presbyterian continuum.


EPC Missions

The mission arm of the EPC is called World Outreach. In response to the current crises facing the world, World Outreach has developed a new initiative called “Engage 2025” which has as its goal to send ten new teams to Muslim people groups that have no churches by the year 2025.  Each regional presbytery is selecting a particular Muslim people group to engage with. Presbytery of the East (POTE), the presbytery that Grace Presbyterian falls in, has selected the Caucuses region and is currently considering various ways of establishing a presence there.